Maximize Above-ground Nitrogen Applications With New PinnitMax™ Nitrogen Stabilizer

By: Tina Troester, nitrogen management specialist, Corteva Agriscience™, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont  

As farmers reflect on this past growing season and make plans for spring, nutrient management is a large part of the equation. Nitrogen stabilizers are an important component of nutrient management plans, and Corteva Agriscience, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont, has announced a new nitrogen stabilizer that fills an industry need and adds to its nitrogen maximizer portfolio.

PinnitMax addresses a need for better handling with above-ground nitrogen stabilizers by providing a user-friendly urease inhibitor that maximizes application of urea and UAN. This solution from Corteva Agriscience adds to the nitrogen maximizer portfolio, which currently includes N-Serve and Instinct below-ground nitrogen stabilizers. Now, farmers and retailers can select from our comprehensive protection of any nitrogen source above- and below-ground.

PinnitMax specifically prevents volatilization of urea and UAN applications for up to 14 days, ensuring nitrogen gets into the root zone for optimum crop uptake. The unique formulation of PinnitMax also allows for simple blending, free-flowing applications and effortless cleanup — freeing up labor and processing time for a more efficient operation. In addition, PinnitMax contains an exclusive composition of the active ingredient, NBPT. This composition makes PinnitMax™ the most powerful, gallon-for-gallon, above-ground nitrogen stabilizer with an ultra-low use rate.

PinnitMax completes the existing nitrogen maximizers portfolio from Corteva Agriscience by providing above-ground nitrogen protection in addition to the two below-ground nitrogen stabilizers, N-Serve and Instinct. All fertilizer types can be protected with this portfolio: PinnitMax for above-ground urea and UAN applications, N-Serve for below-ground anhydrous ammonia applications and Instinct for below-ground urea, UAN and manure applications. PinnitMax works above ground to help your nitrogen get to the root zone. N-Serve and Instinct technology work below ground to keep it there.

Best of all, the portfolio has more than 40 years of experience shaping the nitrogen stabilizer category along with the most extensive university research available, providing the proof of efficacy that so many farmers and retailers look for and expect.

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About the author: Tina Troester is a nitrogen management specialist at Corteva Agriscience, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont. Tina joined Corteva Agriscience in June 2018 and owns and operates a cow/calf and cattle finisher enterprise targeting the locally grown market in Garnavillo, Iowa.

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