Strike out weeds with multiple herbicide modes of action

On a baseball field, few pitchers can keep hitters at bay throwing only one pitch. The most successful pitchers know how to change things up and keep hitters off balance. The same concept applies in farmers’ fields when it comes to weed control.

Successful weed control – both now and in the future – depends on attacking weeds with multiple herbicide modes of action. Retailers can help their customers develop smart game plans and adopt weed management technologies that allow them to keep weeds off balance and in check all growing season long.

The key? Develop a program approach that takes advantage of different herbicide modes of action. For instance, the Enlist weed control system is designed for burndown applications, preemergence residual applications and postemergence applications enabling the use of three or more modes of action to every field. Helping customers identify and use multiple modes of action gives them the opportunity for clean, weed-free fields.

Cover all the bases
A good weed control program starts will a clean field at planting. Burndown applications are important, even when weather issues delay planting. Retailers can help customers by recommending effective burndown herbicides such as Elevore®, Enlist One® or Enlist Duo® herbicides.

After planting, preemergence herbicides can add another mode of action. This can pick off weeds that have escaped or resisted the burndown treatment. Throwing a curve ball at weeds can subdue them and help the crop get off to a good, strong start.

“We need to get residual herbicides on the crop to suppress weeds, even when weather may tempt us to skip our preemergence applications,” says Shawna Hubbard, Trait Herbicides Product Manager for Corteva Agriscience, Agriculture Division of DowDuPont. “Be consistent in using appropriate rates for weed pressure in the field. This ensures we’re helping prolong control of weeds until we’re ready to make postemergence applications.”

Remind customers to consider preemergent herbicides that offer solid residual activity AND offer a different mode of action than their burndown or postemergence herbicides. For instance, Sonic® herbicide offers two modes of action while Trivence® herbicide delivers three modes of action.

A good scouting report
Once the crop has emerged, farmers need to scout their fields and act promptly when weeds begin to appear. Follow label directions; however, it’s generally best to hit weeds when they’re small and more likely to succumb to the postemergence treatment.

Timing is critical to maximize control of any postemergence application. Make sure customers are basing decisions on the size of the weeds and not the calendar alone.

“Sometimes, we may need to make an initial postemergence herbicide application earlier than we had planned,” Hubbard says. “With Enlist One or Enlist Duo herbicides, farmers should apply when weeds are no more than 6 inches tall.”

Get the bullpen ready
If you need to follow up with a second postemergence application due to a later flush of weeds, the Enlist weed control system gives you flexibility. The wider application window helps hit weeds when they are vulnerable. In addition, both Enlist herbicides feature 2,4-D choline with inherently low volatility. For two modes of action, choose either Enlist Duo with glyphosate or tank mix Enlist One with glufosinate.

Farmers who learn to change up their herbicide modes of action can keep striking out weeds all summer long. The result can be a sweet victory celebration at harvest.

Learn more about the Enlist weed control system at or by using the Enlist Ahead resource. Also check out the YouTube channel or Twitter at @EnlistOnline.

Using an array of herbicides that offer multiple modes of action goes a long way in producing a farmer’s “field of dreams.”

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