Weed control: Working smarter, not harder

It’s been half a century since Mike Book’s family started farming in Dixon, Illinois. Today, Book continues the tradition as a third-generation corn and soybean farmer, alongside his brother Aaron and father Jim.

Over 50 years, the Book Family has endured countless successes and challenges in the field. One challenge that’s cropped up time and time again is weed control.

Like many other Midwest farmers, Book encounters waterhemp in his cornfields. Coming up with a reliable program to tackle waterhemp is easier said than done.

Waterhemp is a competitive weed in the pigweed family with known resistance to multiple herbicides. One female waterhemp plant produces 250,000 seeds, and left untreated, the weed can decimate corn and soybean yield potential.

To protect yield potential, farmers need a program that works to control waterhemp. Luckily, Book tried SureStart® II herbicide about five years ago and hasn’t looked back.

“It’s nice to use SureStart II on a wide variety of acres and know that it’s going to work,” he explained. Book sprays SureStart II, which has three modes of action, right after planting corn, followed by a second pass of dicamba.

The Illinois farmer says the straightforward application process makes his job a little easier.

“I like SureStart II because when I put it in the tank, I know it’s going to work,” Book said. “It decreases the chance of anyone messing it up.”

When it comes to cost, Book said, he appreciates that the herbicide is affordable when covering all of his acres and gets the job done right, saying, “We certainly like it and we like the price point.”

Book may not know what challenges the next 50 years of farming will hold, but, for now, he is working smarter, not harder on weed control with the help of SureStart II.

Visit SureStartII.com for more information about SureStart II and how it can help your customers control troublesome weeds like waterhemp.

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Fight tough weeds like waterhemp with SureStart II.

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