Consider fall burndown for fields prevent planted or left fallow

With so many acres prevent planted or left fallow this season, it’s critical for impacted farmers to manage that potential seedbank now, or risk having to invest significant weed control resources in the future.

“This year was very unusual because of the scale of the areas affected by prevent plant,” says Mike Koenigs, market development specialist with Corteva Agriscience. “It’s common to have small pockets of prevent plant in areas, but it’s uncommon that so many key states are impacted like they were in 2019.”

Koenigs says fall weed management is essential on fallow fields. That’s because if prolific seed-producing winter annuals like marestail are left to go to seed and overwinter, their seedbanks will likely grow exponentially, doing damage for years to come.

“One year of no weed management can have a longer-term impact on a farm,” Koenigs says. “Let it go for one year, and it’s likely that you’ll be fighting this problem the next seven years.”

An innovative solution for farmers in this situation is a fall burndown application with Elevore® herbicide. Elevore employs a systemic approach that kills weeds from the inside out, delivering more thorough control — even of marestail up to 8 inches tall. Elevore is labeled for use in soybeans, corn and cotton and is tank-mix-compatible with commonly used burndown and residual herbicide partners, including glyphosate and 2,4-D.

Key benefits of fall burndown with Elevore® herbicide

  • Controls actively growing winter annuals like marestail and glyphosate-resistant weeds, such as henbit, lambsquarters and cutleaf evening primrose
  • Low use rate of 1 ounce per acre makes it an excellent fit for fall burndown with customers using reduced- or no-till production systems
  • Fights weed resistance with a new active ingredient, Arylex® active
  • Prevents regrowth of emerged broadleaf weeds for complete control
  • Easily tank-mixes with commonly used burndown and residual tank-mix partners, including glyphosate and 2, 4-D

“An effective fall burndown program is the best recommendation for prevent plant acres,” Koenig says. “It gets you ahead of the winter annuals to help prevent an explosion of the weed seedbank and really gets you a head start on the 2020 crop.”

Every state has been affected differently. Visit to read more timely, expert advice for weed control in fallow and prevent planted fields this fall.

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