Bridging the farmer-consumer gap

As a global leader in agriculture, Corteva™ Agriscience believes strongly in the importance of open and honest dialogue between farmers and consumers. With the future of the industry in mind, the company is encouraging conversation about the origins of our food and bringing the voice of the farmer directly to consumers.

Whether you’re selling crop protection products, seed or digital ag services, how consumers perceive agriculture affects us all. The following programs are just a few examples of how Corteva is bridging the gap between those who produce and those who consume.

Spreading food facts
Although food is a basic human need, the concerns around it are far from simple. Enter Plate‑Wise. The Plate‑Wise blog tackles leading food topics — like processed foods, GMOs and perceptions around chemicals — to equip consumers with the information needed to make informed choices about food.

Tackling today’s most complex issues
With the recent spike in podcast popularity, Corteva is giving farmers a chance to tell their story and address some of today’s hot topics around agriculture. The Growing Debate podcast series dives into how agriculture is evolving to help solve new challenges, shedding light on the most complex industry in the world. Current and coming episode topics include the struggles of midsize farms, the role of migrant workers in ag and the higher-than-average suicide rate in farming.

Combining art and science
Your customers are modern-day superheroes as they battle weeds, crop diseases and pests with the help of innovative technology. To help boost knowledge of tech in modern farming, Corteva gathered insights from comic superfans at San Diego Comic Con 2019. They leveraged those insights to reimagine the real-life protectors of our food supply (farmers) by creating the ultimate Superhero Farming Family.

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Pioneer agronomist Curt Hoffbeck talks crops with Minnesota Bound TV show host Laura Schara.

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