Control weeds in the fall to avoid headaches in the spring

When we’re young, we’re taught to not put off until tomorrow what we can do today. That adage applies to a lot of the work on a farm, including weed control. Once harvest ends, it’s a good idea to work with your customers on a fall herbicide application for their spring soybean fields to make everyone’s life a little easier for next year’s growing season.

Tough weeds like marestail, chickweed and dandelions actively grow and germinate throughout the fall. If left to overwinter in soybean fields, they can become even tougher in the spring. By taking action against those weeds now, while they’re still small, your customers can eliminate the need for, or increase the effectiveness of, a spring burndown application.

You’ll want customers to keep a few key points in mind when performing fall herbicide applications:

    • Do not apply to frozen ground.
    • Apply when air temperatures are still relatively warm, about 40 F to 60 F.
    • Apply to weeds that are actively growing.
    • Perform tillage beforehand on particularly weedy fields (if your customers use tillage, of course).

A good fall solution from Corteva Agriscience is Sonic® herbicide. Although Sonic is widely used as a spring preemergence herbicide, it’s very beneficial for fall weed control.

While your customers’ combines have been put away, that doesn’t mean the season is over. By taking out weeds now, their soybeans will have less competition for resources in spring and summer. Doing that work today paves the way for greater yield tomorrow.

To learn more about how Sonic can keep your customers’ soybean fields clean, contact your Corteva Agriscience territory manager or visit

A fall herbicide application of Sonic® herbicide can pave the way for a smoother spring.

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