Stop the Clock on Crop Disease This Season

3 Key Takeaways from This Article:

  • We could see a wetter-than-average spring this year.
  • Many crop diseases thrive in wet, humid weather.
  • You’ll want to recommend your customers use a fungicide this season.

We could be in for another rainy spring across the Corn Belt. In fact, AgPro Daily has predicted 23 states are at risk for flooding. Many crop diseases thrive in wet, humid conditions. So, with wetter-than-average weather predicted, disease will be a big concern throughout the growing season.

You’ll want to recommend your customers use an effective fungicide to stop those diseases before they damage yield. Corteva Agriscience has a great choice: DuPont Aproach® Prima fungicide.

Moves Fast
Aproach Prima combines two, powerful active ingredients to provide preventive and curative action. The fungicide shows almost 40% uptake in plants within 24 hours and 80% uptake by Day 7. It’s also rainfast within an hour and gives up to three weeks of protection.

Aproach Prima also has four, varying movement properties, which provide complete, systemic protection of plants. Systemic protection means the fungicide moves through the entire plant, surrounding each leaf and stem, including those that are newly emerging.

Convenient Choice
If your customers grow more than one crop, then Aproach Prima is a great choice, because it’s registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for use in corn, soybeans, wheat and peanuts. Farmers will appreciate the convenience of having one product to protect several crops.

Finally, Aproach Prima is shown to improve crop quality and increase yield. Using the product can help create a better bottom line for your customers.

More wet weather this season means more opportunities for crop disease to hurt yield. Cut those opportunities short and stop the clock on crop disease. Visit to download the product label and talk to your growers about using a fungicide proactively this year.

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newly germinated corn plant

Protect your customers’ crops with Aproach® Prima fungicide.

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